Chunks of Soul

Experimental Portrait Photography Project. Turning the crystal clear perfection of the matrix into a multiple layer imperfect portrait.

Chunks of Soul (COS) is the second part of the Entropic Trilogy, a project started with DEAF (taub - sordo) that will end with a new series of portraits in 2017. The trilogy is centered on the idea of entropy and its reflection on us, on the analysis of self related with the context and on the changes. DEAF was exploring the reactions in dealing with a new environment, a submarine claustrophobic reality that people can not predict and how the identity is looking for new solutions to survive and adapt.
COS deals with our identity, the idea of being in front of ourselves, trying to create a connection between our public identity and a more personal intimate one. Turning the crystal clear perfection of the matrix into a multiple layer imperfect portrait. Layers showing not one, but chunks of souls, overlapping sides of our personality, the multifaceted complex reality that we are. Imperfections of this digital Era.
The pictures are made through a box containing slides of broken glasses, a material hard to control. Reflections and refractions of multiple slivers are creating new words, the two sides of each slide are overlapping shadows and lights, vanishing faces and intriguing juxtapositions.
When one looks in the mirror, he has the tendency to control his look, trying to create an image that is accepted in society, a public face (same happens with selfies). Dealing with multiple reflections makes impossible to control all of them, leaving some glimpses of our uncontrolled identity to slip out.
People in this series have an unclear certainty of their soul or of the public representation of them in the society, with an out of focus identity, still looking for their place in the world, not comfortable in describing themselves as a unique solid one-single-word portrait, but wandering and exploring their personalities. They might protect them with tattoos or masks, but they acknowledge their imperfections and that dreams and plans can change every day.
Pictures are digital, single shot, just color editing, no further manipulation.
Thanks to Joseph Turian, Fabio Boxikus, Taylor Newman Bruce, Virginia Clemm, Matteo Becucci, Dario Muriel Giorgio, Ludi, Ötvös Kinga, Debora Fernandes Teixeira, Christi, Jannik Drechsel, Matteo, Ceven Knowles, Alyha Love, Lise Antoine, Henry Kressmann and Xenia Black, to be part of my project and to share your stories with me.
Thanks to Alessandra Leone, Sergio Assabbi, Trevor Alback, Matteo Pucci and Tiziana Gagliardini
Special thanks to my good friend Ema Discordant
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