A synthesis of the historical memory of the city, of its traumas, of its defeats and restarts, of strong changes, of strong lights on dark and threatening backgrounds. The clouds are the natural symbol of this city and its people, who come mostly from outside and fly over it, passing by its buildings ignoring their history.
Berlin is not a city of permanent residence. It’s a city to come and be reborn, trying to find a path to one’s own identity, because here it is still possible to try and do so. Clouds represent the symbolic movements of people coming from all around the world to find their own souls and inspirations. Perhaps failing, but still trying.
The clouds in their movements, in the shapes designed around the buildings, reflect Berlin's history: from Frederick The Great to Nazism, from the Cold War to that which will become the new history of Berlin, from die Wende to the new emergence of Gentrification. In this whirlwind of the new birth of Berlin, there are elements which resist and distinguish its history to make it unique. A place where the history is not just gone, but is here and alive, a city which is not a museum, but a mix of different historical periods and a stream of changes, where every district has a noticeable soul, but where everything is melted in a unique constant: the movement of the clouds.

Thanks to
Stefano Corso, Paola Verde, Ema Discordant, Cristiano Corsini, William Gardner
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