"Time is a great sculptor , its hand is the imperfection of the skin that is wrinkle, the daily workings of the dust that accumulates in the corners, plants that invade yards and snuggling among the open windows of the old abandoned buildings . [...]
Places covered in confetti wallpaper and plaster have the charm of a robbery age, photography is a lie whispered with sincere look, it does not represent how long the decay is in place and it will stop in the picture the process of transformation. [...]
As everything is fragile, the photograph can traverse places and spaces where it is forbidden to touch but the look may linger, it remains for as long as it wants, the minimum fraction ofì time of the shutter is a steal at the time, does not deceive its scroll but save rooms and objects from its injury, neglect of men."
Excerpt from the critical text : Tiziana Gagliardini
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