I have been collecting pictures of Berlin in the last 10 years and I am still doing so; I finally managed to save them in a single archive and they are more than 50.000. it will take time for me to go through them, but i wanted to create a new collection of prints, starting from these 38.
Starting from Berlin by the Clouds and The Fragility of Time, Berlin has always been a focal point of my exploration, on my knowledge of German history and my love for this city. Inside you will find some known places from a different perspective, some old fashion ones, others that are usually closed and some that don't exists anymore, without being nostalgic
I usually sell my prints to private people, companies and foundations, not so much on internet, because in general I like to idea to get involved also where they will be hanged, but I want to start sharing and propose them also here.
If you are interested, please contact me directly, you can peek the one you like or we can also arrange a virtual tour of the space you want to hang the pictures, choosing materials together or you can tell me about which memories you have of the city, so that I can dig deeper into this huge archve, to see what I can find for you.
This collection will grown over time, stay tuned.
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