Syria is on the Silk Road, a necessary step for merchants to Asia.
Damascus is where the world goes to learn the elegant and sweet Arabic. Aleppo (Halab), north of the capital, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world from ancient times.
Homs and Hama, known today for the bombings and protests, are ancient cities, as well as Deir ez-Zor is the door of the East, already in the desert toward Iraq, where the Euphrates flows, the same as with the Tigris Euphrates in our history books it is under the name of "the cradle of the civilization".
These pictures belong to a series of photographs made in 2009 during a trip between Syria and Jordan in search of everyday Islam, to tell the Islamic faith in its simple daily life, its events, its practices and curiosity, across the streets, the mosques and the deserts. A curious journey through peoples united by a faith, away from extremes, from the wars and borders that distort the sense of a faith that is worth investigating, of which we have information that is often distorted or fragmented.
Original pictures are on Ilford Delta films.
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